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Current Vacation Specials

View Offers Immerse yourself in the stories and culture of Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.
View Offers When we arrange a market tour with Avanti Destinations, you’re handed the keys to a new city by way of insights and insider tips.
View Offers Whether you’re seeking healthful vegan and vegetarian cuisine or are simply curious about long-standing culinary traditions, you can discover more at the Korean Temple Food Center in Seoul. Try your hand at preparing dishes in a guided cooking class and tea ceremony, and let us point you to local restaurants that specialize in this style of cuisine.
View Offers Travelers can add meaning and memories to their trip by participating in any of a dozen social programs across Jordan. Through Jordan's Interactive Meaningful Travel Map, it makes it easier for ethically conscious travelers to easily identify organizations making positive social and environmental impacts in destinations around the globe.
View Offers Iceland is year-round destination as nature is continuously providing a memorable show of endless waterfalls, volcanic terrain, gigantic glaciers, and volcanoes. Head to the island nation in the winter for a chance to see the astonishing aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, and in the summer to avoid the harsh winter weather and have safer road conditions. But, the shoulder seasons of fall and spring still have plenty to offer those bound for Iceland thanks to enticing itineraries with Backroads crafted to allow visitors to discover the “Land of Fire and Ice”.
View Offers The rejuvenating power of untouched wilderness and abundant cultural connections cannot be overstated. Canada's eastern provinces - New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador - are a haven for those seeking wellness and stress relief amidst nature's majestic splendor. These provinces, each with its unique charm, offer a variety of activities that cater to both physical well-being and mental peace. As you plan your visit, prepare to come away from the experience with a reenergized body, refreshed mind, and reanimated spirit.
View Offers Enjoy privileges galore when we book your beachfront bliss with Pleasant Holidays.
View Offers Alexander + Roberts, redefines what it means to travel light, acclaimed for its ‘never more than 16 guests’ tenet, allowing travelers the authentic and immersive experiences they crave. For those looking for something even more intimate, Alexander + Roberts offers private journeys to each of its 87 destinations around the world, allowing guests to travel only with friends, family, or others on their personally invited list.
View Offers A land and people rich with stories... It suffices to say that getting to know New Zealand’s relaxed and friendly people will be one of the things you love most about your visit. Strike up conversations along your journey - a casual chat at a bar or restaurant or at a local market - it’s the best way to get insider knowledge on the area you’re visiting and you may even pick up the local Kiwi lingo and make new life-long friends!

Within the space of one day, you can experience mountain vistas, ancient forests, volcanic landscapes and stunning coastline - all whilst spotting New Zealand wildlife found nowhere else on earth.
View Offers Bright lights and brilliant colors spark joy amid the world’s most vibrant festivals. Discover the meanings and traditions behind these cultural extravaganzas, and start planning your next great adventure.
Where will 2024 take you? Let us help you arrange your journey and plan out your travels around each of these exciting festivals. See the links below to learn more or call us today!