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Jane Lee Winter, CTIE, CTC -- President

Some call it a passion, others an addiction, but Jane Lee Winter, CTIE, President of Town & Country has an insatiable appetite for experiencing the world. She commonly refers to her work as a “calling” as she goes beyond just planning trips, but motivates and inspires people to get out of their armchair and have hands-on engagements with different places and people in the world. She will stretch you to treat yourself to the best experience you can afford.

Jane Lee has been to 93 countries since her first passport was issued in 1976. An annual pilgrimage to the African continent has been a “non-negotiable” for Jane Lee and her husband Larry who love to introduce friends and clients to the safari experience. Hundreds of trips to Europe, dozens of trips to Latin America, exciting explorations of China and South East Asia have been the highlights of a career which never seems to get old. Her recent graduation from Westlake Culinary School was the inspiration for the development of Town & Country’s sister company: Gourmet Travel Club.

Her biggest source of pride is the wonderful team that she has nurtured at Town & Country. Having a tight group of professionals who like each other, like their clients and love the world of travel is a great reason to jump out of bed every morning. If you work with any of our Vacation Planners at Town & Country you will also work indirectly with Jane Lee. She loves to put her handprint on all of the vacations planned in our office and teams closely with all of the staff to insure a wonderful journey for her clients. Contact Jane via email.


Rachael Brusseau, CTA -- Vacation Planner

Rachael Agranoff Brusseau , CTA, started with Town & Country as a Student Intern during her senior year at California Lutheran University where she received a Bachelor Degree in History. During her long tenure as a Vacation Planner with Town & Country she has demonstrated unique organizational skills. Rachael is a detail person and is often our “GO TO” person in areas of process and technology.

Rachael has a unique ability of getting to the facts quickly and reading her clients so well that she finds the perfect vacation for their unique circumstances. Just because she is efficient, does not mean that she doesn’t have personality – watch out for that dry sense of humor!

Rachael has lived and studied abroad and has a passion for Great Britain, Germany, Israel, Denmark, Hawaii, Mexico and Alaska. She loves the teamwork approach at Town & Country because it allows her to spend quality time with her husband and young sons. She also loves being a student and is proud of her Certified Travel Counselor and Master Cruise Counselor designations. She has invested in her continuing education with Princess Cruise Line and has earned the prestigious “Commodore” status. She knows the ships backwards and forward. Contact Rachael via email.


Cindy Cromwell -- Vacation Planner

From the moment Cindy Cromwell started at Town & Country in 2010 it felt as if she has been with us for years. Her friendly, can-do spirit has enchanted our clients and her knowledge of the world has dazzled everyone she works with. Vacation Planning is in her blood. Her father owned and operated a luxury retail travel operation when she was growing up and has left her the legacy of a passion for travel. Seeing the world has been a life priority and she did so for many years while working as a flight attendant for American Airlines. A long-time resident of the Conejo Valley, Cindy and her husband Don enjoy traveling together every chance they get. She has traveled extensively in Europe, Hawaii, the Caribbean, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, East Africa and India. They are naturals at hosting groups as Cindy is very skilled at attending to details. Contact Cindy via email.


Carolyn Durup -- Vacation Planner

Carolyn Durup has been traveling the world her whole adult life. With an airline background she had opportunities to experience many international destinations. Her second career as a Vacation Planner has been a natural transition. Her service oriented style and upbeat personality is what makes her clients always come back for more. Although she has hands on experience with a wide variety of travel products and destinations, if you ask her, her real specialty is getting to know her clients well. With a well stocked “black book” of contacts worldwide, knowing her clients is the MOST important aspect of her work. She knows how to enlist a team of experts in almost any destination you can imagine. Carolyn is a Tahiti and Australia Specialist and has a great love for the Mediterranean. She enjoys bicycling especially while cruising along the rivers of Europe.

Carolyn chose to work at Town & Country because the office works collaboratively, sharing knowledge and expertise as well as working together to service the clientele. This team approach is unique in the industry and has allowed the entire staff of Vacation Planners to travel frequently. This approach is a benefit to the traveler as they don’t just have ONE Vacation Planner, they have a team. Contact Carolyn via email.


Liz McLaughlin –- Vacation Planner

Liz McLaughlin graduated from Westlake Culinary Institute and is a trained chef and international traveler. This combination of talents enriches the Town & Country and Gourmet Travel Club brand as she assists in Vacation Planning and sales for both. This was a natural fit for Liz as she is also an avid traveler with a thirst for good eating and experiencing the cookery of different regions and cultures. Her past life as a certified public accountant and a “stay at home mom” has been great training in multi taking, a skill she brings to bring to Town & Country and Gourmet Travel Club. Every day is new and different. The team environment at Town & Country has been an excellent format for Liz to contribute with her unique abilities and to learn from seasoned Vacation Planners. Contact Liz via email.


Kim Nelson -- Administration

You may not speak directly with Kim about your trip, but she will leave her footprint on your journey. Kim Nelson is a talented writer and designer who has a background writing for a prominent Travel Magazine. Kim assists Vacation Planners in the booking process by creating itineraries, destination resources, marketing and event planning. When it comes to throwing a party or a promotional event at Town & Country, Kim is the driving force. She has a “can-do”, “whatever it takes” attitude and finalizes our clients documents with a creative flair.

Kim is passionate about the United States and our National Parks and has enjoyed many family vacations exploring our wonderful country. Kim has tremendous patience and organizational skills. Perhaps this comes from being “Super Mom” to four children. She enjoys the team environment at Town & Country because it allows her to do what she does best. Contact Kim via email.


Kathleen Rudrud -- Vacation Planner

Not many people have the credentials of having been to all 50 states! Kathleen has, as well as 35 countries and 5 continents! Known for her steady, friendly and caring spirit, Kathleen treats all of her clients with very special care and attention. Kathleen started her Vacation Planning career by hosting a group on Princess Cruise Line and hasn’t looked back! Her knowledge of Princess Cruise Line is unsurpassed, and to prove it, she has earned Commodore status, the highest rank in their specialist training program. She is also a “First Officer” in the Cunard program which means she knows the ships backwards and forwards. Kathleen is also a trained specialist with Regent Seven Seas, Oceania Cruise and Uniworld River Cruises in addition to being an Alaska specialist.

Her multifaceted interests have brought her to many destinations. Among her favorites are China, South America, Africa and the British Isles. Her passion for travel is contagious and her fact finding skills ensure that her clients are well taken care of. Kathleen enjoys working at Town & Country in an environment that stresses working collaboratively. Sharing knowledge and expertise as well as teaming together to service the clientele allows her to get away and experience the world for herself. This approach is a benefit to the traveler as they don’t just have ONE Vacation Planner, they have a team. Contact Kathleen via email.


Fergie Shapiro -- Marketing Manager

Her given name was really Rachel Ferguson. But when she started at Town & Country as a student intern from California Lutheran University, she agreed to the nick name “Fergie”, as we already have a Rachael. This attests to her flexibility and sense of humor. A recent bride, Fergie tied the knot within a month of graduating from CLU and then started her job the day after the honeymoon. Fergie brings many talents to Town & Country and Gourmet Travel Club with her degrees in Multimedia and Art. She lived in Australia during a semester abroad, which is where she got the travel bug. Her next trip is Bali!

With a keen eye for design and a passion for travel, she is involved in many aspects of both sales and marketing. We are thrilled to have a younger perspective in our industry. Contact Fergie via email.


Karla Skoog, CTC -- Vacation Planner

There aren’t many Vacation Planners who are more enthusiastic about creating special, memorable trips than Karla Skoog. Karla has made travel her life long career and after nearly 30 years, still gets excited about planning exotic, unique itineraries for clients. She also likes to “sample the wares” and jumps on every chance she can get to experience a new destination. Some of her most recent adventures have been to Patagonia and Atacama in Chile and an adventure trip to New Zealand with a food & wine theme.

When traveling with her husband and kids she chooses active trips such as diving and sailing. Also attracted to the water, she has had countless trips to the Caribbean, Central America, Tahiti, Fiji and of course – the Hawaiian Islands. Other active adventures have included trekking in Nepal and globe-trotting through Europe and South East Asia. New Zealand is one of her favorite destinations.

With her significant and varied background in the travel industry, Karla has served as an excellent mentor to the newer Vacation Planners on our team. She delights in the teamwork concept at Town & Country and finds it to be an excellent way for her to maximize her talents and take advantage of her expertise. Contact Karla via email.


Vicki Weeks, CTC -- Back Office Management

Vicki Weeks, a graduate of California Lutheran University and mother of 3 grown sons, brings order to our creative business by taking special care of our financial resources. Making sure all of our “ducks are in a row” is what she does best.

Although she doesn’t work with clients directly, she is passionate about travel and takes every opportunity she can to have quality vacations with her family. Many of her trips center on high adventure including athletic competitions, snow and sun. Her active family enjoys cruising because of the wide variety of activities such as snorkeling, horseback riding, kayaking, biking and sailing. Contact Vicki via email.




Credentials and Associations

Town & Country Travel was established in 1984
Corporate Name: Mueller Winter Travel Management, A California Corporation
Member of Signature Travel Network (formerly Leisure Travel Group)
Member of ASTA - American Society of Travel Agents
Member of ICTA – The Institute of Certified Travel Agents
Member of CLIA - Cruise Lines International Association
Member of the Thousand Oaks / Westlake Village Chamber of Commerce


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